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One day I thought that I am not worse than Hanselman and I need to create a list of software I use. So here it is!



It can do everything Notepad can’t do (and sometimes even Visual Studio). A very useful feature – it can find and bookmark some specific lines with some substring and then delete them all. One cannot overestimate macros support in case you need to do some tricks with millions of lines.


When you find two similar classes you want to figure out specific details on differencies. Someone uses Araxis, but I didn’t get used to it.


This thing is absolutely neccessary, it can adopt brightness of a display to current time and location not to let it burn your eyes. I think I use it more than five years already and I got used to my displays automatically decreasing their brightness. When I look into my colleagues’ displays at 8-9 pm I always go blind – because they don’t care about their vision.

Atom / Code

I use it along with Notepad++. Atom is good with its plugins, as for MS Code I don’t have any specific attitude because it is not mature enough.


Surprisingly good at organizing notes and information about everything.


Probably I prefer FarManager to Windows Commander also due to some nostalgic feelings about console applications. Well, a file viewer works better there too.

Sticky Notes

If I want some urgent tasks or notification to be always prominent, I choose Sticky Notes which goes with Windows 7 shipping.

Snipping Tool / Send to OneNote Tool

When I want to make a screenshot I can make a screenshot of the whole screens and then cut out a piece of interest. But again there’s a standard Snipping Tool for that purpose. Also, OneNote ships with a good bit of software which is capable of making a making screenshots – Send to OneNote Tool which can be launched with Win+S.

XMind /

I like to brainstorm and XMind is here, free enough and powerful. Also there’s Mindmeister which is a web app and allow up to 3 mindmaps free of charge.

Visual Studio

I use Visual Studio every day as I work with .NET (C#/F#) plus add here html, javascript, and there’s no surpise it has some very-very useful plugins.


Must have.

Array Visualizer

A plugin to see what is there in arrays in a convenient way.

Visual Studio Gallery

Indent Guides

Shows indents in code, quite useful in navigating in large bits of code.

Visual Studio Gallery

Power commands / Productivity Power Tools

These 2 plugins add different useful features to code editor and solution navigator. For instance, I can’t program any more without Enhances Scrollbar which transforms my VS scrollbar into a code map. It simplifies navigation in code and makes it a bit easier.

PowerCommands adds different commands to the Solution Explorer context menu, examples are:

  • Copy as Project Reference
  • Copy Path
  • Copy Reference(s)
  • Edit Project File (♥)
  • Open Containing Folder (♥)

As for Productivity Power Tools, the most parts of its features are either in ReSharper or not very usefult. I have the following turned on:

  • Color Printing
  • Column Guides
  • Enhanced Scroll Bar
  • HTML Copy
  • Middle-click scrolling
  • Power Commands
  • Quick Launch Tasks

Visual Studio Gallery

Python Tools

If I want to write in Python on Windows, I choose VS+Pythons Tools which lets to write and debug Python programs right in VS.

Rename Visual Studio Window Title

Super-duper-mega cool extentions for VS! It can set VS Window Title according to some predefined pattern, and one of these patterns can set caption to a current git branch. Or when I work with 2 different branches simultaneously (or not in Git but in Perforce), the tool can rename the title according to folders where solutions are located. For example if I have c:\Perforce\SolutionName\master and c:\Perforce\SolutionName\release, the tool can set VS title to “release\SolutionName” or “master\SolutionName” depending on which folder I opened the solution from. Super handy!

Visual Studio Gallery

Visual F# Power Tools

These days I’m working on some project written in F# which turned out to be quite a nice thing. However VS Code Editor support for this language sucks, and one needs to install the Tools to have more or less code editor different from Notepad to edit F# code.

Visual Studio Gallery


This tool enriches the Output windows by adding different colors to different events such as log entries, module load/unload, etc.

Visual Studio Gallery



Yep, f.lux is there for OS X.


One of my first impressions about OS X was a sort of regret that it doesn’t have any mechanism to manage windows, like Win+left arrow in Windows which sends an active window to the left side of display or Shift+Win+Right arrow which sends an active window to the right display. So I crawled the Web about a cure and found one — SizeUp, and now I’m sure about what Windows misses out.

SizeUp can do more than just aligning windows to left or right. It can maximise window, center it, position it in whatever direction you want. Plus they support AppleScript and so there are unlimited numbers of different layouts you can invent.

This software is definitely worth $12.



OS X doesn’t have Ctrl+X feature in its file manager, Finder, and this is soooo woeful. TotalFinder fixes this flaw.


If I want to write some code but I’m lazy to launch a Windows virtual machine then Xamarin helps me here. However it is not clear for me why they still don’t have VS keyboard layout, and force me to change it manually. But overall impression is very good and its F# code editor is better comparing with VS.


Well, I don’t know anything better than PyCharm to write Python code.

IntelliJ Idea

I was right when I decided long ago to always have IntelliJ Idea keyboard layout in Resharper. The tool itself doesn’t need to be presented I guess.

Atom / Sublime

I use either Sublime or Atom for viewing and editing files. Too bad there’s no OS X version of Notepad++.

Midnight Commander

MC is a replacement of FarManager for OS X. Not that convenient but there’s nothing better.


What irritated me in OS X is that it doesn’t have a popup calenda with clocks in tray like in Windows. For instance, I have 3 clocks set up in my work machine so I can easily know what’s the time in other cities/countries and predict when I’ll get a reply from people of that time zones.

Day-O doesn’t add clocks of other time zones but at least it has a popup calendar.

Day-O review: Me say day on the Mac’s menu bar


Web & Mobile


One day I went through a lot of different programs for task management and finally came to the conclusion that Todoist is one of the best.

Although there’s Micromiles which is being promoted by Maxim Dorofeev but by the time Maxim have told me about that app I has already got used to to Todoist.


As far as I know Toshl is the best among personal financial management systems though they are holding the second version in beta testing for, I think, two years already which is ridiculous. However it’s quite easy to become a beta tester.

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